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One on One Coaching

Hangout with me and chat all about your business, photography, mindset, and anything else that could use some TLC!! xo

Coach for Photographers

Virtual Coaching Call

$375+hst - 1 hour video call

Here's what's gonna happen: we're going to set up a video chat that's an hour long at a time that works for both of us! I'll be all yours to help you brainstorm ideas, work on your photography skills, solve any stubborn problems you're dealing with, or filling you in on some business strategy to help elevate your brand to the next level! You'll get a questionnaire from me so I can brief myself before we chat. Topics are completely unlimited and you get to "pick my brain" on any topic that you think needs some love!

In-Person Curated Portrait Session

$450+hst - 1.5 Hour Mentorship Portrait Session

This is perfect for those who are local to where I live and wanna meet up in person! We'll pick a time & date that works for both of us, a style of session (couples, family, elopement, etc), and practice & shoot together! I'll organize the models and session activities, while you show up ready to be creative. I'll be there to demonstrate, guide, or inspire. I'll answer any and all questions during our time together, and assist with capturing authentic connection in your clients!

Photography Coach
Coach for Photographers

In-Person Coaching Chat & Curated Portrait Session

$650+hst - 1.25 Hour coaching chat & 1.5 Hour Mentorship Portrait Session 

Want both in one?! Then this is for you!

Here's what's included:

  • An hour and 15 mins of my time & attention to "pick my brain" about all things business, photography, mindset & so so so much more. (Can be virtual or we can meet at a local cafe!)

  • A personally curated 1.5 hour portrait session of a style of your choice (couples, family, etc)

  • My assistance and guidance during our time shooting where I can help you with lighting, creating a fun experience for your clients, and capturing authentic connection. 

  • A quick 15 minute branding sesh for YOU to get some updated headshots!

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