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Travel Blog! Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru

Lake Titicaca surprised me. It was a tour I was excited for but didn't really think about to much because I didn't know what to expect. I had booked my 1-day tour through American Inca Trail and was thoroughly impressed with the overall experience!

We were picked up from our homestay at about 9:30pm the night before the tour to be transported to the bus station here in Cusco. We had scheduled an overnight bus to take us from Cusco to Puno in approximately 6 hours. I had never been on an overnight bus, but I loved it! The seats fully reclined and were super comfy. We got blankets and complete darkness with a bathroom on board. It was great!

We arrived in Puno at 6am and went straight to a local hostel to shower and relax before our day-tour. We began our motorboat trip to the Floating Islands of Uros. These floating islands contain a small indigenous community that has lived on these islands for years. These islands last approximately 24 years, and are made up of reeds and mud to create a floating platform where the indigenous people could live. We then continued our journey to Taquile Island. Upon arrival, we walked to a higher platform of the island where a small town resides. Here we enjoyed a delicious local lunch and even witnessed a traditional wedding of a local leader on the island.

It was another 2 hour boat ride back to Puno, which we relaxed and enjoyed the view. While in Puno, we enjoyed dinner with a show! There were traditional dances and music, with a delicious meal. It was as a great end to a great day.

I was blown away by the views and beauty that Lake Titicaca has to offer! Such a sunny day with the lake glistening such a gorgeous shade of blue. I was so impressed by this gorgeous place. I definitely recommend taking a trip to see for yourself.

Chat soon,

Tia xo

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