Amsterdam, Netherlands - Travel Blog!!

I finally went to Amsterdam!!!

For as long as I can remember, I've always wanted to visit the Netherlands. I don't know what it is about that part of Europe, but it's so unique. Copenhagen is next on the list!

An amazing opportunity came up, and Justin and I had to take it. We booked a last minute flight, found an AirBnb and awaited our trip! I was so excited. Ever since seeing The Fault in Our Stars, I've been dying to have a romantic getaway here.


For some reason, our flight left at 5am so we were exhausted. We landed in Amsterdam around 9am and caught the train to Centraal Station. We arrived, started the 35 minute walk to our AirBnb, and all of a sudden it started pouring. Pouring! It was one heck of a day so far. Also, bikes!!! I have NEVER seen so may bikes in my life. You can't take one step off the sidewalk without almost being run over by a bike. They run the city!

We finally made it to our room. Our host was so kind and welcoming! We rented a room in a local apartment close to the city centre. Our house opened up right to a canal. It was an excellent choice and had everything we need. I honestly love AirBnb. It's such a great, affordable way to visit a new place.

After taking a quick nap, we ventured out to see Amsterdam for the first time. We booked a small boat canal cruise for that evening with Stromma Boat Tours. Our boat departed at 6:30pm and was such a lovely experience. It took us through the canals in the city and we got to see all the main tourist spots and views.